Traditional Nain Knotted Rug | Red

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• Dense: 12mm pile
• Style: Traditional
• Weave: Super-Dense Power Loomed
• Material: Heatset Polypropylene
• Easy to clean
• Made in Belgium
• Luxurious Finish
• One Million Point Stitch

Love to emit an exotic vibe from your living room? These classic Traditional style rugs radiate a fresh, contemporary feel, while still exhibiting a sense of tradition. Originating from the heart of Iran, the Nain rug has a storied history and its features reflect its cultural origins. These rugs are known for their impeccable sense of craftsmanship, high knot density and intricate patterns. An easy to clean heatset rug, this ensures you both comfort and durability. One million points of yarn per square metre, allows for ultra fine detail & heaviness of a handmade rug.

With technology advancements, the modern power looming construction of Heat Set Polypropylene rugs are becoming a popular and valuable choice for rug crafting given their intricate detail, resistance to stains, easy cleaning maintenance, high durability, softness, non-shedding, mothproof and non-allergic. Overall, a fitting rug for your family room.


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We gladly accept exchanges & will send out at just $9.95 (our true cost is much higher!). The same cost as returns mentioned above also applies.

Please keep in mind, the most common mistake in choosing rugs is getting a size too small.

We would suggest measuring your space with a tape measure and laying down some sheets/masking to try and gain some perspective. We encourage at least the bottom of a couch and legs to be on the rug if going in a living room, to help make a room feel spacious, expansive and welcoming, as opposed to a floating/choppier look, a smaller rug can create.

Ideally, if budget permits, you may want to consider a rug big enough to fit all legs of the furniture to rest on it. There other factors to consider with sizing for other rooms & areas. Whilst we offer sizing tips, the final decision is with the customer & our returns policy applies.

Please contact us for free styling & size advice.

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